VistaWebNet has been funded and developed by Alireza Moslehi. Mr. Moslehi, who has obtained a degree in electrical engineering and conducted post graduate research in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia, has had an extensive professional career in the high-tech industry. Mr. Moslehi’s career includes working for some of the well known and leaders in the high-tech sector, including Motorola, Agilent Technologies (formerly Hewlett-Packard), Nokia, and Cardinal Health in Silicon Valley and Southern California.

With an extensive and diverse background in IT and engineering, Mr. Moslehi has managed to accumulate a wealth of valuable leadership experience in dealing and handling demanding and high budget projects. Furthermore, a solid background in manufacturing and production engineering support has provided Mr. Moslehi with the required knowledge and practical experience in supporting the entire product development process from one milestone to the next until completion of all project deliverables on time.

Mr. Moslehi’s leadership experience includes training junior software QA engineers and creating a communication bridge among various departments including development, marketing and testing. While working as a senior automation engineer, Mr. Moslehi has also developed a set of comprehensive automation tools for testing back-end and front-end web applications while working at MySpace in Beverly Hills, California and Absolute Software in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mr. Moslehi is currently working with a number of small and large corporations on a variety of projects including test automation development and overall systems performance optimization.